Canaan was the Land of Promise for the ancient Israelites. It was their heritage, but they had to work to protect and maintain it. One of God’s commands to the Israelites for preserving their spiritual heritage was to tell key stories to their children.

Canaan Home, named after this ancient promised heritage, was a Chinese orphanage that moved from place to place during the years 1929 to 1951 in the Beijing area. Canaan Home rescued nearly 200 destitute children during famine and incessant war, saving their lives and giving them a heritage of hope in God.

Canaan Home Communications was named in honor of the orphanage. The publishing company was birthed during a cooperative effort among El Paso churches to strengthen families by using stories to pass along life giving values. An account of that community-wide story writing project is given in the first chapter of My Roots Go Back to Loving.

Canaan Home Communications publishes materials and offers practical resources for strengthening individuals, families, and the communities that support families and for building a legacy of strength for generations to come.